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January 27, 2014


Portraits in Motion: A Teacher's Reflection

In kindergarten, students focus on drawing detailed full-body portraits.  The first grade portion of the self-portrait project centers upon drawing the “body in motion. First graders approached this task with confidence, as they also practiced detailed compositions in writers’ workshop daily..  In Room 203, students have become master craftsmen of writing as they continually edit and refine their work into masterpieces.  The students are always searching for ways to make their writing more beautiful or ways to add more voice to the story.  They discovered one way authors add voice to their stories is to use onomatopoeias – sound words.  Adding onomatopoeias to the “bodies in motion” is an idea that students had to bring their portraits to life, thus showcasing their best work. Students were completely confident as they took ownership through the process of this project.  Students asked for advice from each other as they posed for photographs in motion, came up with onomatopoeias to match their particular motion, and wrote a brief sentence to explain their motion to the audience.  “I felt good.  My body looks just like my picture.  I worked hard on it.  I am kicking a soccer ball.  That’s why my foot is pointed up.”  -Ben Mueller, student

portraits in motion

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