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November 17, 2014


ECC Visits Downtown Maplewood

Students at Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center have approached a new unit in several classrooms. Kindergarten and first grade students in Olivia Vitale’s class are currently studying maps and were instructed to complete self-portraits of their bodies in motion by imaging themselves walking through downtown Maplewood. This project is called “Our Bodies in Motion”. After taking a few trips to downtown Maplewood, the children wanted to imagine that they were there again and froze in a pose. Once the children were frozen, a photo was taken of each child. They used their photograph as a reference to sketch their bodies in motion. The children were able to bring their self-portraits to life with the help of Vitale and parents. Through this experience, the children not only reflected on what makes them unique, but they also developed a deeper understanding of community.

Kindergarten students took a walking field trip to a solar energy store downtown. This year, the investigation of maps has started with studying local maps including Maplewood and St. Louis County. The students also started to create maps that tell visitors how to get to their classrooms and how to get to The Early Childhood Center from downtown Maplewood.
                                              downtown maplewood

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