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January 23, 2015


Homework Tips for Kindergarten Students and Guardians

Setting aside time to do homework with your young student serves an important purpose. Doing homework with your student shows him/her that you value what they do at school. By doing homework together you are telling your student that you are curious about what they do at school. You are letting your child know that you think about their whole day and that you want to know what they are learning when you are not there. When you demonstrate an interest in their school life you tell them that school is an important place and that you care about what they learn.

Tips for doing homework:

• Always do homework in the same place. Maybe the kitchen table or even a clean coffee table.
• Try to do homework at the same time each week. Some people prefer to do the work right after having an after school snack. Some choose to do it right after dinner. Whatever you choose, stick with it.  And don’t forget to choose a time when your child is not tired. 


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