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September 8, 2015


Seed To Table Explorations

Since 2008, the Seed-to-Table program has been promoting education, health, and wellness, by connecting children to the natural world through weekly hands-on explorations of food and nutrition in the school garden and the children's kitchen.  As students learn the basic principles of organic gardening, they also learn to respect nature and the environment and become stewards who eagerly teach their families about sustainable practices such as composting, recycling and water conservation.

This August, Early Childhood Center students were the first to get their hands on the latest trend in school gardening: growing vertically using an aeroponic tower garden system. With funds raised at the school's farmer's market last May, and generous donations from parents and community members, three tower gardens were delivered and then assembled in class with the help from parent Alison Funke.  Students read and followed the directions in the assembly guide and figured out how to build the towers complete with Mr. Pump and the shower cap.  "This is kind of like building with giant Legos," one student said.

With an increased emphasis on making science, technology, engineering and math applicable throughout the curriculum, the tower gardens will illustrate the future of food production without soil, using minimal space, water and energy.  Students expressed their initial ideas about the new garden: "Even astronauts in space will be able to grown fresh salad with this," and "Now we can eat fresh lettuce and strawberries in the middle of winter."   The excitement is obvious among the young farmers and we can't wait to observe how the new garden compares to our soil-based garden.  Stay tuned.

Tower Garden updates will be posted on the Seed to Table Facebook page

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.