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September 15, 2015


MS Science “Bubble Gum Lab”

Young "scientists" in Maria Canning’s science class have been working on a two-part “Bubble Gum Lab” that focuses on the ability to control, manipulate, and measure responding variables to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

During the first part of the lab, students worked in small groups to determine which team member could blow the biggest bubble.  The first step was to form a hypothesis based on their observations. They then identified their independent and dependent variables and  followed a predetermined procedure to test their hypothesis. 

Every group member was given two pieces of gum and asked to blow ten bubbles. The other members of the group were tasked with measuring the bubble size and recording the results. The average bubble size and the range were calculated for each team member, and students created online bar graphs to represent their data. Data was then analyzed to determine if it could support or refute their hypothesis. 

Students are currently working on the second part of the lab where they get to choose their own question to investigate. During this part of the lab, students will once again form a hypothesis and identify variables, but now they are also tasked with creating an appropriate procedure based on their testable questions. 

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