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September 28, 2015


MS Social Studies Meets MS Garden

Seventh grade students ventured to the Middle School garden this week to explore the agricultural practices and products of early Native Americans. Students began by discussing the widespread tradition in Native American farming societies of planting corn, squash, and beans in the same mounds. Planting these crops together is known as a Three Sisters Garden because of the Iroquois legend that the three are inseparable sisters who only grown and thrive together. 

By observing the way that these specific crops grow, students were able to surmise that corn provides a natural trellis for bean vines to climb, and the beans help to stabilize the corn plants, preventing them from being damaged by wind. The squash vines serve as a shade for the soil and help to keep weeds from emerging.  Another benefit of squash plants is that they discourage predators from approaching the corn and beans.  Unfortunately, students discovered that the squash plants weren’t able to keep rabbits from eating all of the beans in MRH’s own garden. Luckily, students were still able to harvest the unique Glass Gem corn from the garden, using it to make popcorn and cornmeal. 


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