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October 16, 2015


Highlighting Physical Education

physical education class Students in Coach Harbaugh and Coach Jordan’s P.E. classes have been taking advantage of the recent nice weather to practice their soccer skills. They began a recent class by combining their daily warm-up with math skills review. Students sprinted from one end of the gym to the other, stopping to complete 49 squats, and then sprinting back.  Each time they arrived at the other end of the gym they reduced the number of squats by a multiple of 7 until they got to 0. 

After warming-up, students were ready for soccer. In order to differentiate for students based on their readiness level, Coach Harbaugh and Coach Jordan asked everyone to rate their current level of soccer proficiency.  Students who rated their skill level as high placed themselves at one end of a line, with all other students then placing themselves along the continuum. The continuum was then used to put students into mixed-ability groups, allowing students with more experience to help mentor those students with less experience. Each group of four students began by practicing passing and dribbling skills before playing against another group of 4.  Groups rotate throughout the class period, giving them the opportunity to play against multiple other groups. As students continue to develop their skills they will begin playing in larger groups.   

In order to integrate theory and practice, students are also investigating the six essential sports skills: speed, agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, and power. Working in small groups, students completed a KWL chart where they listed what they already Know about the essential sports skills and what they Wanted to know. After completing research on the skills, they were then able to go back to their graphic organizer and record what they Learned.  The development of these sports skills will continue to be emphasized throughout the unit. 

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