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February 2, 2016


Middle School Weekly Learning:

As part of their unit on weather, scientists in Mr. Henske’s classes have been constructing instruments for measuring various aspects of weather.  Students were given the opportunity to research tools used by meteorologists, including barometers, thermometers, wind mills, and anemometers.  They then considered what aspects would help to ensure the accuracy, reliability and validity of their instruments, and built their devices based on those criteria. Some students even developed their own standard units of measurement to use with their particular instruments. Once the measuring devices were constructed, students took them outdoors, collecting and recording weather data over multiple days.  As part of this process, students were encouraged to reflect on how their instruments could be improved, and to examine the variables affecting the reliability of their instruments.  

Students are also exploring concepts related to air density, and how they can apply these principles to the construction of a hot air balloon. Essential to the successful creation of a hot air balloon are key understandings related to the effects of heating or cooling molecules on mass and buoyancy.  Working in small groups, and following a procedure, students are in the process of building their balloons, and they should be ready for launch some time next week! Check back next Friday to see how things went.


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