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February 9, 2016


ECC Studies Space

ecc studies space Over the past few weeks, the first grade students at Maplewood Richmond Heights Elementary have been investigating patterns in the sky during their inquiry time. The students have learned about the orbits of the Earth and Moon around the Sun and how this affects life on Earth. The students also studied constellations and the other planets in our solar system. 

The first grade teachers at the ECC have integrated reading, math, art, movement, drama, and music into this study of space. The students have learned how to use different sources when researching a topic, and they have learned about text features of an informational book that help to teach the reader about the main idea (such as headings, captions, graphs, etc.). The students have also created many different types of models of the solar system to show how the planets orbit the sun, including paintings of the different planets.

In Miss Reside's class, the students were interested in learning about the story of Pluto - how its status recently changed to a dwarf planet. After researching facts about Pluto and listening to the scientists' definition of what makes a planet a planet, the students had a debate over whether Pluto should still be considered a planet. Most students agreed with the scientists' latest decision, but a few students thought Pluto still deserved to be considered a planet.

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