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March 16, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: March 14-18, 2016

students during a lesson plan Scientists in Mrs. Canning’s classes have been exploring physical properties of minerals.  During their “Minerals Rock!” lab, students followed four procedures, which allowed them to collect data on seven different physical properties. The properties observed in the lab included luster, light interaction, cleavage, color, streak, hardness, and density. Students then used their data to make predictions about the identity of their chosen minerals. As part of another lab, students used what they have learned about how rocks form to create their own crayon rock models.  Each group was responsible for creating an igneous, metamorphic, and a sedimentary rock and then describing the process that they chose for the rock formation.

Middle school counselor, Terri Brown, facilitated circle discussions with seventh graders this week. The circle model is powerful because it creates a sense of equality within the classroom, allowing each student to see everyone they’re talking to, but also allowing them their own space. A talking piece is used during dialogue circles, ensuring that every student has the chance to speak without interruption.  Students began their time with Ms. Brown by sharing one thing that they’re good at. As they spoke, each student tied a small piece of yarn to their neighbor’s piece, creating one long piece.  Although some students struggled with tying the knots, there was always a classmate willing to help! At the end, Ms. Brown tied the ends together, creating a circle to signify the unity of the group.  Other topics discussed during this time included characteristics of good relationships, and the effects of gossip.  


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