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April 19, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: The American Revolution

Students in Mrs. Hoffman’s class have been busy exploring the American Revolution as it relates to their overarching themes of strong leadership, perseverance, and strategy. Students are tasked with completing a total of four projects to illustrate their proficiency. Two projects, a timeline and a biography, are mandated for everyone, with students having the opportunity to select from a menu for their additional projects.  Menu choices include constructing the front page of a newspaper detailing a major battle; creating a propaganda poster showing support for either the Loyalists or the Patriots; analyzing a revolutionary era poem and then penning an original poem about the war; or creating a presentation about a person from a “forgotten” group of Patriots.  

This week, students began working on the timeline project. As part of this assignment, students must research events relevant to the American Revolutionary War, beginning with the Declaration of Independence (1776), and ending with the Treaty of Paris (1783). Students will be provided with several sources to help them get started, and must also locate additional reliable sources on their own (which they must cite). As they analyze their researched events, they must decide on a total of 12 that they consider to be the most significant. Their finished timelines will include a description of the event, a rationale for the event’s importance, and an explanation of how the event connects to leadership, perseverance, or strategy.   


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