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May 4, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: Highlighting E4

middle school project Scholars in Mrs. Kruger’s E4 classes have been enhancing their metacognition by examining how they think and react to various academic situations. Students began by completing and analyzing interest inventories to aid in the development of their 5-year plans. 

They then used the information gleaned about their strengths and challenges, as well as motivational factors, to create BOTGs (behavior over time graphs).  BOTGs allow students to visually depict their perceived personal engagement on assignments that they’ve completed throughout their E4 studies.  To gain a broader picture of their learning behaviors, students also used their BOTGs to generate connection circles, searching for causal factors (both positive and negative) that affect their work. 

Some of the factors that students recognized as influencing their education include attitude, time management skills, interest in material, perfectionism, workload, and procrastination.  An increase in self-awareness should allow students to make more informed decisions regarding their education.

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