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December 4, 2017


The Think Rink: MRH Middle Students Hit the Ice in the Name of Science

MRH middle schoolers study physics on the ice rink. Any physics teacher will tell you, we do not live in a frictionless universe. But the Shaw Park Ice Rink in Clayton comes pretty close.

Students from MRH Middle, known as the School of Expedition, spent much of the day gliding across the rink to learn more about the science behind inertia, momentum, and balanced and unbalanced forces.

Each student was instructed to gently push another student down the ice to measure how far they would travel and which forces would bring them to MRH middle schoolers study physics on the ice rink. a stop. They also propelled themselves into the walls (intentionally), pushed themselves off the walls (to study the properties of acceleration) and pondered how the laws of physics would apply in the depths of outer space, where gravity and atmospheric resistance are largely absent.

Fittingly, the skating rink physics lesson took place on a day with temperatures in the middle 60's, but with a forecast of more seasonally cold temperatures just a few hours away. 

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