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January 16, 2018


Student Safety is First Consideration During Extreme Cold Snaps

When the outside temperature becomes extremely low, MRH must strike a balance between our desire to have students in class and our desire to keep them safe. While MRH will occasionally consult with nearby districts during inclement weather, the decisions we make are entirely our own, based on the characteristics and conditions within our school community.

Because of the geographic size of the district, MRH students enjoy relatively brief rides to school and brief waits at their bus stops. Those who walk to school typically are outdoors for 15 minutes or less. On top of that, the cities of Maplewood and Richmond Heights have impressive records of thorough snow removal from streets.

Appropriately layered clothing, along with limiting time outdoors, should protect against the elements. This includes coats, gloves, hats and footwear. If your child normally walks to school, please consider arranging for a ride. At bus stops, some parents may want to wait with their child in the car until the bus arrives.

We want to assure families that our classrooms and buses are warm. Over the long MLK holiday weekend, MRH Transportation staff conducted mechanical and safety checks to ensure smooth engine starts on this frigid morning. No bus departs our parking lot until it is sufficiently warm inside.

Indoors, our thermostats are programmed to ensure classrooms are comfortable.

The safety of your child is our paramount concern, every day of the year, no matter what type of weather we’re experiencing.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.