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January 26, 2018


Three MRH Educators are Consultants for Overhauled Arch Museum

Museum of Westward Expansion exhibit.On several spring weekends this year, two teachers and the principal of the Maplewood Richmond Heights Elementary School will find themselves huddled with designers and National Park Service officials, brainstorming educational programs and partnerships for the Museum of Westward Expansion. 

The underground museum on the Gateway Arch grounds has been surrounded by construction activity since 2015 while the entire park undergoes a $380 million renovation.  The improved museum is set to open sometime this summer.  There were delays building a tunnel between the old and new museum wings for hauling construction materials. The tunnel is being used so the old museum wing can remain open during construction without hauling materials through it.

MRH Elementary Principal Dr. Jason Adams said the invitation to his staff made perfect sense.

"Because of our close partnership with local museums and our own unique programming through our School as Museum metaphor, MRH Elementary educators were invited to participate," said Dr. Adams.

The teachers who will participate are Dan Lyons, from the gifted education program at MRH Elementary, and Lisa Koester, 5th/6th Teacher and Social Studies Teacher Leader.

All three will serve on what's known as the Gateway Arch Teacher Advisory Board.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.