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February 1, 2018


MRH Entrepreneurs Gamble on a Match Made in Comfort Food Heaven

The Zoffle is a pizza which looks like a waffle.Next stop, "Shark Tank"?

Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School students (and brothers) Seppi and David Marino are betting that you'll love to scarf down one of their pizza slices baked in a special oven which gives them the appearance of a waffle.  They're called "Zoffles," a marriage of the words "piZZa and waFFLE.  

The brothers even have a retail outlet from which to vend their creation: the In-and-Out Market at the corner of Wise Avenue and Bellevue Avenue in Richmond Heights. 

Brothers David and Seppi Marino sell their Zoffle creation.After a successful test run one week ago, the Brothers Marino are prepared to begin selling Zoffles on Friday, Feb. 2, from 4 p.m. until they're gone.  They expect to set up shop every other Friday, same time, same place. 

David and Seppi come from established culinary lineage. Their mother, Almut Stephan Marino, is a Seed-to-Table instructor at the MRH Early Childhood Center with extensive training in nutrition, health education, and restaurant management.  Father Mike is a partner at Crushed Red and Customers enjoy the Zoffleowner/president of Nutritious Planet. Each parent also once worked at Panera Bread. 

In the development stage of the Zoffle, the Marino brothers learned that pizza stuffing inside a waffle wasn't going to work.  It just wasn't rigid enough to stay together.  So, with dad's help, they rigged their oven to make a standard pizza crust look just like a waffle. Voila!

The Zoffle comes in four taste varieties right now: cheeseburger, veggie, meat lover's, and bbq chicken. 

And if you want to put maple syrup on your slice... that's entirely up to you.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.