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April 19, 2018


Just In: Winners Announced in the Seafoam Marketing Challenge at MRH

Marketing students get real-world experience at Seafoam agency.Update 5:15 p.m., April 19, 2018

Two budding advertisers amid the MRH student ranks literally squealed with joy today when they learned the following news:

"We’re happy to announce that we have chosen two students from the pool of interns who will be joining Seafoam’s team this summer to build and execute a marketing strategy for NAMI STL (National Association for Mental Illness):

The paid internship winners are…

– Madi LaChance (start on June 12th 2018)

– Cara Bibbs (start on July 3rd, 2018)

Each student will be expected to work approximately 5-10 hours alongside the Seafoam team each week. These schedules are flexible; the students may complete their hours on whatever day(s) and at whatever times they prefer, as long as a Seafoam team member is present to work with them and offer guidance.

The students will be compensated for the time they spend working on this project. 

Thank you!"

Zach Laidlaw, Brand Manager
Seafoam Media


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This week, the marketing students at MRH joined the Seafoam team at its headquarters in Maplewood to show off preliminary research and marketing strategies that they pulled together for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) STL. After viewing the presentations, Seafoam’s team provided constructive feedback for the students to fine-tune their strategies before they gave their final pitches.

In early April, nine teams competed against each other to earn the top spot for the inaugural run of the Seafoam Marketing Challenge. Each team was given just 10 minutes to present their final marketing strategies to Seafoam’s owner and founder, Nikki Bisel, and the Executive Director of NAMI St. Louis, Christine Patterson.

After the dust settled, and Seafoam’s team had time to consider the projects that were unveiled, the best of the best had to be chosen.

Winning team Creative Royalty is managed by Cara Bibbs (senior), Sean McCreary (sophomore), and Mariah Washington (freshman). Taking great care to understand their clients’ needs, mission, and goals, Creative Royalty were ultimately chosen as the top team for their ability to understand NAMI St. Louis’ needs and address their concerns.

Marketing students get real-world experience at Seafoam agency.Runner up Global Drive is helmed by Jalia Conner (senior) and Zariah Jones (senior). Following extremely close behind in the runner up slot, Global Drive took the brave initiative to not only build a unique, potentially-viral social media campaign, but they also took the time to launch their strategy and record the results before giving their final presentation.

The Most Valuable Partner award was designed to recognize the contributions of a team participant that was not a member of the winning or runner up teams. For her exceptional leadership skills and infectious work ethic to push her team forward, this semester, Seafoam chose Madi LaChance (junior) as the Seafoam Marketing Challenge MVP.

Marketing students get real-world experience at Seafoam agency.Next, the students from the winning team, runner up team, and MVP will be given the opportunity to interview with Seafoam for a paid Summer Student Internship. Multiple students will be selected from the pool of candidates to join the Seafoam team where they will build out a real, tangible digital marketing strategy for NAMI STL.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.