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May 18, 2018


MRH Board of Directors Passes Resolution on Gun Law Reforms

To our students, families, and community partners,

As the nation reels from yet another mass shooting at a school, this time in Santa Fe, TX., I wanted you to see this resolution passed by our Board of Education last night. The resolution is our response to proposed legislation in Missouri which would allow any school district employee to petition for a permit to carry a concealed weapon on district property. But the resolution also urges passage of what we consider common-sense reforms to gun regulation laws, not just in Missouri but nationwide. It is our belief that conceal-carry on school property is a reactive response which fails to address the factors which could prompt an individual to carry out violent acts in the first place. Regulatory reforms are proactive and are in step with what MRH has always espoused: early intervention is the key to identifying troubled individuals before they spiral out of control.


Karen I. Hall, Superintendent

Maplewood Richmond Heights School District














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