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September 10, 2018


Saturday School: Students Come Together to Help Resolve Conflict

Middle schooler from MRH and Webster Groves study restorative practices.Sixty middle school students spent their Saturday in class at MRH, but it was hardly detention.

The occasion was a conference on restorative practices, tools and techniques to promote learning, growth and a healthy school climate for students and adults. Restorative Practices enable students and teachers to integrate and normalize this approach within a school culture.


Middle schooler from MRH and Webster Groves study restorative practices."Great things can come from collaboration between adults but even greater things happen when we bring students together to lead," said MRH Middle School principal Mike Dittrich. "When we had the opportunity to partner with Dr. Lee from Hixson, I knew it would open some great opportunities for students.  This was one of several access points students from MRH and Hixson will have to learn and lead with restorative circles. The scholars from both schools were amazing at building connections and Middle schooler from MRH and Webster Groves study restorative practices.discussing how to improve the climate and culture at both schools." 

"It is important for us to cultivate the natural leadership that is within our kids by first believing in them as leaders," said Grace Lee, Hixson principal. "When kids begin to realize their worth, they will in turn lead us and guide us to do better in the world.  The combined work of Hixson and MRH Middle kids on Saturday is the start of an exciting collaboration, empowering our kids to collectively lead for change in our communities through restorative practices."

Afterward, students shared their experiences in writing. One wrote, "I liked how we got to communicate with kids from a different school. I learned how to be more empathetic."  Another wrote, "... be careful what you say to people. You never know what they are going through." 

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