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October 16, 2018


MRHE Students Solve Crime Mystery While Learning About Symphonic Instruments

MRHE field trip to Powell HallThe setting: Powell Symphony Hall in midtown St. Louis. The objecive: solve the mystery of the dead composer.

MRHE 4th graders were among 2,000 local students who took a field trip this morning to the venerable concert venue. The program was tailored to provide fun, humor and a good deal of instruction on how various types of instruments are utilized in the composition of orchestral music. 

The narrator of the program announced that "the composer is dead!" This set off a chain of events during which a police detective interrogates each set of MRHE field trip to Powell Hallinstruments in the orchestra... the brass, woodwinds, percussion, et al. Each had an alibi, which then pointed to the conductor as the culprit. But in the end, it was determined that ALL of the great symphonic composers --- Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, Haydn -- have actually been dead for a very long time. The students roared with laughter all while learning how the sound of a certain instrument is crucial to the composer for conveying a particular emotion.

Under the tutelage of music instructor Dr. John Israel, the annual field trips to Powell Hall are a student favorite.  

For more information, contact MRH MRHE field trip to Powell HallSchool District at (314) 644-4400.