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March 8, 2019


Geese Love the MRH Athletic Field, but They Hate Coyotes

Fake coyotes will be used to chase geese off of MRH's athletic field.Coyotes have been spotted at MRH High School; good thing they aren't real. Let's explain.

It seems our beautiful athletic field is a popular gathering spot for geese. Geese, being geese, do what geese do... which is to leave a mess all over the grass. We'd rather they leave their messes elsewhere, so the MRH Buildings & Grounds division purchased a pair of rubber and faux-fur coyotes, each with menacing looks on their faces and life-like features. 

"In our research, this was the most environmentally friendly option for dealing with the geese," says B&G director Amber Silver. "This is the District's first try at keeping the geese away, so we don't know how successful the decoys will be."

Geese making a mess on the MRH athletic field.The artificial predators will be relocated every once in a while for maximum effect.

So, if you're driving or walking past the athletic field and you do a double-take because you thought you just saw a coyote, you're not seeing things. You're just not seeing a REAL coyote.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.