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May 18, 2020


MRH May board meeting to take place in virtual format.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

BOE Meeting 7:00pm - Videoconferencing due to COVID19 Quarantine

Due to the current global pandemic, the MRH Board of Education will host a virtual meeting via video conferencing. We will not gather for an in person meeting this month. Access to a video participation link can be found in description below.

1. Opening

1.01 Call to Order

1.02 Pledge of Allegiance

1.03 Public Forum

2. Consent Agenda

2.01 Approval of Consent Agenda

2.02 Minutes: Regular Open Session 4.16.20

2.03 Surplus: Technology

2.04 Purchases over $25,000

2.05 Warrant List

3. Study Items

3.01 Program Evaluation: Parents As Teachers (PAT) by Cynthia Cobb

3.02 Program Evaluation: Professional Development Committee by Christine Dmijan & Roxanna Mechem

3.03 Program Evaluation: Title Program by Dr. Jason Adams

3.04 Policy: 2019C Policy Batch - BBE, BHA, GBEBC, GBLB, GCD, GCI, GCPB, GCPE, GCPF, GDC, GDI, GDPB, GDPE, IC, IGAEB, ICC, IKF, JEC, JFCL, JHG, JO by Dr. Karen I. Hall

4. Admin Communications

4.01 COVID-19: MRH Guidance and Monitoring by Central Office Administrators

5. Finance

5.01 FY20 April Financial Statements by Chris Hoelzer

5.02 FY21 Budget Development Update: Revenues & Expenditures by Chris Hoelzer

5.03 Budget Work Session by Chris Hoelzer

5.04 FY20 Budget Amendment 6 by Chris Hoelzer

5.05 Bank Bids by Chris Hoelzer

5.06 2020-2021 Student Lunch Price Recommendation by Chris Hoelzer

6. Board Communications/Discussion

6.01 Discussion: Calendar of Events by Katie Kaufmann

6.02 Board Committee Report: Safe and Inspirational Spaces by Brandi Herndon-Miller, Maria Langston & Nikylan Knapper

6.03 Board Liaison Report: Joe's Place by Ralph Posley & Brandi Herndon-Miller

6.04 Board Liaison Report: MSBA by Katie Kaufmann

7. Action Items

7.01 Policy Batch 2019C - DEA, DJF, DJFA, FED & FEF

7.02 2020-2021 Student Lunch Price Recommendation

7.03 FY20 Budget Amendment 6

7.04 Executive Session

8. Executive Session

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.