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July 8, 2020


Measuring Up: Architects Use Laser Technology for Proposition E Work

Most mornings lately, a face-masked gentleman can be seen strolling around the MRH High School/Middle School campus with an odd device mounted on a tripod. He's taking pictures, but not in the traditional sense.

As part of the design phase of building improvements under Proposition E, Ittner Architects is deploying a 3D laser scanner called FARO. It captures hyper-accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. The FARO uses a laser beam to measure the distance to an object point by point. The range depends on the Design phase of Proposition E employs laser scanners.model; FARO models measure up to 350 meters. The scanner measures more than one million points per second. A rotating mirror directs the beam in such a way that the objects (walls, pipes, etc.) are scanned vertically in rows. At the same time, the laser scanner rotates around its vertical axis.

Not only does it offer pin-point accuracy, but FARO can also be a money-saver. Dennis Young, president and chief executive officer of Ittner, explains, "Many firms don't have this technology. We are using it on all of our projects and have identified discrepancies between the existing conditions and the original drawings. This reduces the number of construction change orders that would have resulted." 

Proposition E, a $30 million bond issue, was approved handily by voters on June 2. It will result in more classrooms, gym and cafeteria space, and entry/exit improvements at all MRH buildings.

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