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October 27, 2020


Community Message from the MRH Acting Superintendent

Community message from MRH Acting Superintendent Roxanna Mechem.To the MRH Community,

Yesterday, our Board of Education announced that I would serve as the MRH Acting Superintendent. Most of you know that I have been serving the MRH school community since 2011. As Assistant Superintendent, I held responsibilities for curriculum, instruction, assessment, intervention, professional development, hiring, and human resources. As such, I have an intimate knowledge of district operations. More importantly, I love MRH. I genuinely treasure our students, our schools and the wider community.

The strength of the school district is a direct result of the relationship with the MRH community.  The MRH story is one of hard work, against incredible odds, to build a world-class school district. I know that this community values its schools. It has shown its support over and over again. For that I am truly thankful. In the last 10 years, I have worked beside parent leaders on bond issues, tax levies, curriculum projects, community building events, school improvement initiatives, and task forces. Collaborative voices have shaped the fabric of MRH and we are better for it.

I am humbled to be called to lead in such a time.  COVID-19 has proven to be the greatest challenge schools have faced in my 30-year educational career.  MRH staff remain wholly committed to your children despite the difficulties. The coming months will continue to challenge. It is a time when all of us are called to serve, in whatever capacity, for the benefit of our children.  

Our namesake “Blue Devils” were the citizen soldiers of WWI. They were one of the first volunteer divisions to be willingly called into service to deal with a global crisis. It is a fitting legacy. Today’s MRH Blue Devils, likewise, never ignore the call to service. While we likely do not all agree on the best approach for schools during the pandemic, we will get through this together. I am confident of that because Blue Devils step up, speak up and stand together for what they believe. They are stewards, scholars, leaders and citizens. They honor diversity of thought. They build community. 

Know that you and your children are ever on my mind. I encourage you to reach out to our staff. We are ready to assist with questions about technology, curriculum, social/emotional health and more. MRH is a strong community. The administration has been so grateful for the community’s patience, flexibility, and care for children as we navigate the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year. I thank you for your ongoing support as we continue our efforts to educate children.

Roxanna Mechem, Acting Superintendent of Schools

Maplewood Richmond Heights School District

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.