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In an automating model, the technology is the vision. In an informated model, technology is just the digital plumbing. It enables a fundamental change in the culture of learning where students assume much more responsibility for managing their own learning, and collegial and community relationships expand.
-Alan November

At MRH, we believe that the central organizing feature of our schools is the curriculum that puts our beliefs about teaching and learning into action. As we transform the culture of our schools, we believe that technology helps us to develop new ways of working and learning together. We envision a school environment where technology adds value to help shape the curriculum and learning, and where all of our teachers and students use technology seamlessly, selecting appropriate technology tools for the tasks at hand.

Technology is integrated into all MRH schools. Some examples include:

  • A 1:1 laptop program putting powerful laptop computers into the hands of every child in grades 6-12  
  • A wireless network service (500Mbps) in all buildings district-wide.
  • SmartBoards (interactive white boards) in every classroom
  • Completely revamped district curriculum in a content management system called itsLearning
  • Google Apps for all students grades 4-12

In MRH we believe that the effective use of technology:

  • Provides a vehicle for student-driven study and learning
  • Enhances teacher instruction
  • Is a fundamental tool for differentiation and individualization of instruction
  • Increases student learning and depth of knowledge
  • Develops higher order thinking skills
  • Increases responsibility and self-discipline
  • Bridges the gaps between education, institution, and the community
  • Prepares students for functioning as productive adults and citizens
  • Enhances the academic environment in the school and community
  • Enables teachers to connect students to the world
  • Encourages parental interaction and parental support
  • Promotes equity.
  • Archives and makes information accessible to all
  • Provides tools to facilitate organization of both projects and thinking
  • Develops skills needed for the 21st century

At MRH, we believe that teachers and students:

  • Become proficient with technology when provided with appropriate professional development or instruction embedded in quality teaching and learning experiences.
  • Complete quality work when they have access to personal digital devices that allow them to compose and revise; to extend and create their own learning experiences; and to conduct research and develop projects.
  • Benefit from using technology as a form of communication, as a tool for organization, and as a vehicle for working collaboratively.

Some school districts would say that the face of education is changing. Here at MRH, we are of the opinion that education has already changed. MRH truly is at the forefront of the paradigm shift that is taking place throughout education, and while technologies continue to advance, our solid technological foundation will allow our district to explore and implement those advancements quickly and effectively when appropriate for the betterment of our students.

The educational culture of MRH is firmly grounded by its commitment to all facets of teaching and learning. In this new century, the demands that will be placed on our graduates by society are increasing exponentially. In order to meet those demands, our students must not only be exposed to the same technologies that are being used in the world, they must master them.