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New ECC Artwork Made Possible by Grant

ECC Ceramic ArtworkThe beautiful work-in-progress you see here was made possible by a grant from the Arts and Education Fund for Teachers, and will become a permanent fixture at the MRH Early Childhood Center.
In her grant application, ECC art teacher Kari Schepker-Mueller explained:
"Sam Falls is an American artist who works in clay, and uses nature as his subject. His art is accessible to the children of our community and we will be inspired by his work for this experience. As an instructional activity, we will travel to Laumeier Sculpture Park to see and learn about the work of the artist. Amongst nature trails children and adults can walk, talk, and collect natural materials of interest and see his work. Post-park visit, both children and staff will be able to use their collected treasures to make impressions in the tiles and extruded clay. Individual pieces would be connected into one large work of art put on display in our building to signify our resilience and reunification.
ECC Art StudentAfter a year of online art instruction, children need to create together now more than ever. They need to walk in the woods now more than ever. They need to connect to school adults, now more than ever. Now more than ever teachers need to dive into social-emotional learning components through shared experiences to combat feelings of social isolation.
Through this first experience of clay, for many children, we will build community and a sense of belonging, teach art history, the technical skills of clay such as clay care and tool usage and beautify our space and create a permanent piece of art that reminds us of our collective journey through recent history."
Congratulations to Kari on the successful grant procurement and thank you to the Arts and Education Fund for Teachers for your vision and generosity.