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Safe Spaces: New Details on Security, Emergency Response Readiness

MRH will soon launch new initiatives and partnerships in our continued commitment to maintaining a secure environment for our staff and students.

Starting this year, MRH Safety Operations will collaborate with Raptor Technologies to streamline our emergency notification and drill systems. Raptor Technologies will provide state-funded, app-based solutions for both functions, reinforcing our ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to emergencies.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Strategos International, which will assume responsibility for training our staff in emergency response procedures. The training will commence in September, beginning at the District level and subsequently extending to individual buildings. Strategos International will equip our team members with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively handle emergency situations.

Our District-wide Emergency Operations Plan is nearing completion. In the coming weeks, we will begin the process of working with individual buildings to develop their specific emergency plans. We are utilizing an online platform provided by the Missouri School Boards' Association (MOSBA) at no cost to the district.

These initiatives demonstrate our ongoing dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all individuals within the MRH community. By leveraging state-funded solutions, partnering with industry experts, and implementing comprehensive emergency plans, we are taking proactive measures to mitigate risks and respond effectively to any potential crises.