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Sharing the Roads with MRH Buses

MRH schools are back in session as of August 21st. Our Transportation team and the Maplewood and Richmond Heights Police Departments would like to remind you to share the roads with school buses.

Yellow flashing lights on a school bus mean slow down — don’t speed up — because the bus is preparing to stop. Students will likely be waiting to get on the bus, or parents will be waiting nearby to pick up their children.

Red flashing lights mean stop — stop at least 20 feet behind the bus — because children are getting on or off the school bus. Stay stopped until the red lights stop flashing, the stop sign is pulled back in, and the bus begins moving.

Even when lights aren’t flashing, watch for children, particularly in the morning or mid-afternoon.

Be alert as you back out of a driveway, or drive through a neighborhood and school zones.

Let’s all do our part to keep the children in the community safe.