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MRH Hosts Visit by County Executive

Leadership and citizenship were the resounding themes as MRH students and staff huddled with St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page in the High School/Middle School Research & Design Center on Thursday. Dr. Page was accompanied by his Education Liaison, Desiree Whitlock, in a visit designed to provide student leaders with face-to-face access to high-level government figures while giving the county visitors a peek into MRH classrooms and new facilities.

The session began with a brief District overview by Supt. Dr. Bonita Jamison. Members of the MRH High School Principal's Advisory Leadership (PAL) Board participated in a question-and-answer session touching on topics around student involvement in government functions. One PAL member explained that some youth don’t feel well-connected to local governance but could benefit from enhanced, specialized lines of communication. In response, the County Executive issued the students what he called a “homework” assignment. Dr. Page asked them to create recommendations for their preferred channels of communication, including on social media, and report back to his office.  

The PAL Board also accompanied Dr. Page on a half-hour tour of the new building addition made possible by passage of Proposition E in 2020. The entourage got a peek at two levels of spaces which will become occupied classrooms and offices in a matter of weeks. They also stopped by science and journalism classrooms in the existing High School.

Also attending the sessions were MRH Board of Education members Rachel Goltzman and Katie Kaufmann as well as two city managers, Amy Hamilton of Richmond Heights and Amber Withycombe of Maplewood. Photos of the visit are available on the MRH Flickr site.