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"Spot the Sunlight" Comes Alive at ECC (Video!)

“Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo, here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.”

This year, the MRH Early Childhood Center implemented a social/emotional curriculum called Second Steps, designed to support students in skills such as empathy, being kind and self-management of emotions. 

Key components of the process are the E.C.C. expectations: “Engaged, Caring and Community,” to establish how students should carry themselves in various areas of the building, even when an adult isn’t watching them. Students are also encouraged to hold each other accountable using positive statements versus just saying “stop” or “don’t do that.” Children receive “spotlights” when they are seen following expectations.

Spot the Sunlight (Spot for short) was created from a conversation about Elf on the Shelf. ECC administrators wanted to find an engaging way to keep students thinking and talking about what they should or should not be doing when discussing expectations. Spot was used for social stories or even quick pictures around the building to see whether he was seen following expectations. If he was not, teachers and students would discuss the situation during the day and determine how Spot could make it right. 

“This reinforced the expectations in an exciting way because students didn’t know when he would show up or what he would be doing,” explained Principal Tanisha Stanciel. “We also shared these social stories on Class Dojo so parents could discuss Spot at home!”

Toward the end of the year, classes that earned more than three spotlights throughout the course of the month could have Spot as a visitor for a day. The team then decided to humanize Spot with a life-size costume. It is safe to say, we think Spot is alright!