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MRH Debaters Learn from College Coaches and Debaters at Summer Institutes

Already preparing for next season, the nine members of the MRH debate team are spending a good part of their summer break in residence at summer institutes hosted by university debate programs. 

Maia Truemper and Jack Funke are attending the Jayhawk Debate Institute at the University of Kansas. Jack and Maia began the 3-week program the day after returning from the High School National Tournament in June. 

Claire Moylan, Nathan Crader, Noe Zamora, Vallon Sutton, Martin Colvin, Jane Bolen, and Sarah Simonis are attending the 2-week institute at Missouri State University. Sutton and Colvin received scholarships from the MRH Speech and Debate Parents Booster Club to aid their participation. 

The Blue Devils are building on growing networks with these universities. 2022 MRH graduate James Granger is on staff at the Missouri State Institute and is a varsity debater at MSU. 2024 MRH graduate Nate Boyle is joining the University of Kansas Debate Team in the fall. MRH Head Coach Rich McCollum and Missouri State Head Coach Dr. Eric Morris were both assistant coaches at KU under its legendary Head Coach, Dr. Scott Harris.