• Key Communicators

    People talking to people. That is the foundation of how word travels in our community. "Key Communicators" is modeled on successful programs throughout the U.S. It’s designed to improve two-way communication with MRH stakeholders.

    Key CommunicatorsWho Can Be a Key Communicator?

    We think anyone who lives, works, or shops within the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District can be a member of Key Communicators, and we hope you join us. The beauty of this program is that there are no meetings to attend.

    Why Have a Key Communicator Group?

    The concept of Key Communicators is considered one of the best ways to create open information sharing within our community. We make the extra effort to keep citizens informed about what’s going on at the district, and citizens like you let us know what they think. It’s a good way to increase transparency.

    What is the Role of a Key Communicator?

    • Key Communicators receive e-mails with timely information from the district and give feedback as appropriate.
    • Key Communicators will share information about district issues informally with their friends and colleagues in the course of their regular day. They disseminate accurate information about the district, correct misinformation, and hear what the community has to say about the district.
    • Key Communicators agree to contact the District when they hear positive or negative feedback, rumors, questions, and ideas from people in the community. The District can then move quickly to address these issues.
    • Occasionally, Key Communicators will be asked to be advocates for the District by filling out on-line surveys or by responding to incorrect information posted on the internet.

    How Can I Join the Key Communicator Network?

    It's simple! Just fill out this short on-line form.

    NOTE: Participants’ e-mail addresses and all contact information gathered solely for the MRH Key Communicator program will not be used for any other purpose. Participants may remove themselves from the list at any time.