• COVID-19 Data Dashboard

    The MRH COVID-19 dashboard will be discontinued at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year.

    The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is planning to stop tracking the spread of COVID in communities. Moving forward, the CDC is expected to rely more heavily on COVID-related hospitalizations, much like it does to track the spread of the flu. 


Weekly COVID-19 Dashboard

Weekly COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Information and Resources

  • The MRH School District remains committed to the following four principles regarding our COVID-19 plans:

    • Following the Science and Data  MRH continues to be an active member in the regional COVID-19 Task Force which includes local education leaders and public health experts.  MRH will continually reassess and modify protocols based on local and regional data. Currently, MRH is a mask-recommended space.
    • Keeping Students in School With the increased availability of masks, free testing, and strong vaccination rates, MRH will implement the recently revised symptom decision tree to assess students and return them to school as soon, and as safely, as possible.  The new symptom decision tree developed by Washington University  focuses on fewer symptoms and creates pathways to return to school quickly using testing and masking strategies.

    • Collaboration MRH actively seeks partnerships with local sources to assist with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations:

      • Our partnership with Washington University provides MRH families free access to saliva-based PCR tests: Washington University Drive Up Testing

      • Our partnership with Washington University provides an opportunity to receive information about vaccines as part of a research study where participants can earn up to $100.00 in gift cards: Vaccine Communication Research Study

    • Communication Our ability to keep students in school will depend upon clear communication between our school district and our families. 

      • COVID-19 Dashboard: The MRH School District will reinstate the COVID-19 dashboard starting the week of August 29.  

      • Classroom notifications: The MRH School District will send out classroom notifications if a COVID-19 positive person was on campus and there was a possibility of close contact with students and/or staff.

      • Family communication with the school: MRH is asking families to report COVID-19 positive cases and potential exposures to the school nurse. While we are not quarantining students and close contacts, it does help our team advise families about next steps and to send out the appropriate notifications.  Please use the following link to report student absences: 2022-2023 MRH Student Illness Reporting Form