MRH Summer Programming 2024

  • 2024 Summer Journey June 4th-June 28th 8AM-3:30PM for grades K-8!


    This summer our district will offer - free of charge - a fun, exciting, and academic approach to learning called Summer Journey. Make no mistake about it, not only will our summer program be FUN for kids, it will also provide an opportunity for students to experience over 60 hours of academic work during the summer months. This academic time will give students the chance to review and apply previously learned skills and knowledge as well as prepare for the school year ahead. Summer Journey’s extraordinary educational goals are comprised of academic courses with hands-on instruction centered on reading, language arts, math, and social studies or science. Other fields of study are also available. 

    While the academic courses will be relaxed in format—no homework or tests for grades—Summer Journey will also offer courses for hands-on exploration and discovery. Summer Journey courses may include a rocket class, where students learn the basic principles of flight as they construct and fly real rockets, or a cooking course, where they learn basic cooking techniques. Other courses that may be offered include Simple Machines Camp, designed to introduce students to elements of engineering, live well, and Lifetime Sports, designed to develop the body and encourage a lifetime of fitness. These are only a sample of the courses that may be offered. 

    If you are the parent of a child who will be entering Kindergarten in fall 2024, I strongly encourage you to consider enrolling your child in Summer Journey. We have noticed that when these young students meet their teachers, fellow students, and our staff during the summer, they are eager to return in the fall and find that “first day of school” experience to be a positive one.