• MRH Finances

    MRH is committed to operating a first-class school district while practicing fiscal responsibility and efficient management of district resources.

    MRH utilizes the zero-base budgeting model to create the annual budget. Each building principal and department head presents their budgets to our Central Office Administrative Team for review. Those draft budgets are scrutinized and then edited and submitted to the Central Office for final internal approval. Annual personnel budgets are based on projected enrollment numbers and educational needs for the coming academic year and adjusted accordingly from year to year. Draft district budgets are reviewed and approved by the Board of Education.


    Transparency in our budgeting process is essential as it allows stakeholders to understand the financial position of the organization and the allocation of resources to various initiatives. Additionally, it fulfills the legal requirement of sharing this information with the Board of Education and the public. The figures below outline the financial status at the beginning of the budget cycle, the projected revenue inflows, the planned expenses, and the estimated fund balance at the end of the cycle.

    Budget Impact:

    Beginning Operating Fund Balances (General, Teachers, Capital Projects non-bond issue): $11,202,225
    Total Budgeted Operating Revenue :  $25,764,635
    Total Budgeted Operating Expenses: $27,467,435
    Ending Operating Fund Balance: $9,499,425

    Operating Ending Fund Balance as a % of Expenditures (General, Teachers, Capital Projects non-bond issue): 34.6%

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    FY24 Budget Workshop Final Presentation, June 29, 2023

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