MRH Board of Education

  • The Board values regular, transparent, two-way communication with those whom they serve. You can email the entire Board or reach individual board members by using the email addresses and phone numbers below.

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  • Katie Kaufmann, Secretary
  • Rachel Goltzman, President and Treasurer
  • Linda Robinson, Director
  • Joshua Miller, Director
  • Christy Martinez, Director
  • Julie Francois, Director

Communicating With the Board

  • MRH wants to hear and address concerns from patrons. Our communication protocol for addressing concerns is as follows:

    1. Talk with the teacher or guidance counselor at your child’s school.

    2. Contact your school principal and/or assistant principal.

    3. Contact members of the superintendent’s cabinet.

    4. Share your concerns with the superintendent.

    If your concern has not been resolved at those levels, you are invited to call or email Board members or share a public comment at a Board meeting.

    All regular meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public.