Surveys/Survey Results

  • Follow-Up Family Communications Survey, January/February 2024

    This past winter, the MRH Communications Department appealed to all families in the District to complete a follow-up survey with questions about the weekly newsletters and messages received from our principals and classroom teachers. The survey was intended to gauge families' level of satisfaction with such newsletters since the original survey in the spring of 2023. We are grateful to those who responded during the month-long survey period (141 responses, or, just 16% of all MRH families.) The findings can be viewed HERE.

    In order to ensure that communications practices align with the MRH 5-year Strategic Plan, these survey results will be reviewed for possible action steps by the "For Our Community" Management Oversight Team (MOT), which comprises District staff members and parents. The MOT team will then present recommendations to a School Board Advisory Committee, led by Board Director Linda Robinson. The MOT group meets monthly throughout the year; the Board committee plans to assemble quarterly.

    Stay Survey, 2022-2023

    Stay surveys are designed to: 

    • Ask current employees why they’re happy at MRH and why they might not be

    • Understand the specific reasons employees have for staying in MRH

    • Understand employment practices from the employee’s perspective

    • Develop next steps to improve employment satisfaction and strengthen positive workplace relationships  

    Survey results can be found HERE.