• Reporting Student Absences

    MRH's partnership with families will be essential to protect the health and safety of our students and the MRH community.

    To that end, we will be requiring additional information from each family regarding student and family health as it relates to any student absence. Effective contact tracing will be dependent on identifying low-risk symptoms, high-risk symptoms, symptom onset, and potential exposure to COVID-19.

    We have created an online reporting form so that families can report their student absence online: 2022-2023 MRH Student Illness Reporting Form.

    We are strongly encouraging families to use this form for reporting student illnesses so that we can be quickly responsive in contacting you about the next steps.  

    If your student is absent for a reason other than illness (eg. family funeral, etc.) please call the school attendance line or email the school attendance monitor.

    If you have any questions about reporting student absences, or contact tracing protocols, please feel free to reach out to a member of our contact tracing team.

    Michelle Davis: ECC School Nurse
    Phone: 314-256-4502
    Email: michelle.davis@mrhschools.net

    Peggy Russell: ECC School Attendance Monitor
    Phone: 314-256-4570  
    Email: peggy.russell@mrhschools.net

    Kathryn Whitehouse: MRH-Elementary School Nurse
    Phone: 314-256-7207
    Email: kathryn.whitehouse@mrhschools.net

    Kris Ricks: MRH-Elementary School Attendance Monitor
    Phone: 314-256-7202
    Email: kris.ricks@mrhschools.net

    Angel Goldberg: High School/Middle School Nurse
    Phone: 314-446-3813
    Email: angel.goldberg@mrhschools.net

    Tonya Jonas: Middle School Building Secretary
    Phone: 314-446-3900
    Email: tonya.jonas@mrhschools.net

    LaToya Owens: High School Building Secretary
    Phone: 314-446-3800
    Email: latoya.owens@mrhschools.net