Before and After Care

  • The MRH school district recognizes the need to support families with options for childcare beyond the regular school day.  Our school district understands the challenges that families face in balancing their professional responsibilities with their children's educational and recreational needs. Our programs are designed to support families outside the regular school day when students can participate in a safe, nurturing environment. 

    Preschool and Kindergarten utilize the Discover Club program which operates from 7 a.m. - the start of the school day - and runs to the end of the school day, 6 p.m.

    Need help paying for childcare?  Find information about Child Care Subsidy.

    1st-6th grades utilize the Y-Club program which is operated by the Mid-County YMCA. This program operates at the building level, so 1st & 2nd grade students are serviced at MRH Early Childhood Center and 3rd-6th grade students are serviced at MRH Elementary School.

    Registration information for the 2024-2025 school year is forthcoming. 

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    If you have questions, please contact:

    Discover Club: or call 314-901-2640

    Y-Club: or call 314-962-9450

Goals & Philosophy

  • The Discover Club program intends to ensure a positive, safe, and stimulating environment for students. The staff will work together to accomplish the following goals:

    • Provide individualized care for each student according to his or her abilities and interests.
    • Handle matters of discipline in a fair and constructive manner.
    • Enhance the self-image of each student by helping him or her feel respected and valued.
    • Provide for the safety and welfare of students in every possible way.

Y Club

  • After School Care for Grades 1-6 is provided through the Mid-County YMCA's Y-Club Program.