Chromebook Information for Families

  • MRH Computer Permission Form

    At MRH, we believe that student success can be achieved by seamlessly integrating technology throughout the educational program. To facilitate this  integration, each student will be provided with a Chromebook for educational use. This 1:1 initiative aims to empower students to reach their full potential and prepare them for the world beyond school, including college and the workplace. The use of Chromebooks encourages students to develop problem-solving skills and enhances their ability to think critically, fostering analytical thinking.

    To ensure that this initiative runs smoothly, students will be required to bring their Chromebooks to school every day, fully charged, and take them home every night throughout the school year. This continuity will ensure that learning is not disrupted and students have access to their educational resources both at school and at home.

    It is crucial for students and parents to be aware of the policies and procedures regarding the use of district-provided Chromebooks. All the information and guidelines are included in this handbook, which applies to all MRH School District Chromebooks used at school or at home, as well as any other Chromebook designated by district administrators or principals under this policy.

    Together, with the seamless integration of technology, dedicated educators, and engaged students, we aim to foster a dynamic and enriching learning  environment that prepares students for a successful future.

    The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District owns all Chromebooks and chargers.  The district maintains an inventory system that logs the student with the serial number of the student’s assigned Chromebook.

    • Students in grades K-2 will have district assigned Chromebooks that remain at school.  These devices will be sent home with chargers in an extended closure situation.
    • Students in grades 3-12 will take their assigned Chromebook home with them every night. Students are required to bring the Chromebook to school every day, fully charged.  Loaner Chromebooks will not be available for students who come to school with their Chromebooks not charged. Because they can be easily misplaced, we recommend that chargers remain at home.
    • Students who transfer from the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District must return both the Chromebook and chargers.  (Graduating students have the option to keep their Chromebooks after senior checkout at the end of the year).  If it is not returned, the parent and student will be responsible for the cost of a replacement Chromebook and/or charger.  The Chromebook will be deactivated and rendered unusable.

    Other information can be found in the MRH School District Student / Parent Chromebook Handbook.