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  • Welcome to MRH                                                                                              

    After visiting our schools or just browsing this website, you’ll discover what many families and educators have already learned: the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is a gem of a district in the greater St. Louis region.


    Central to our MRH mission is the statement that we will inspire and prepare students as leaders, scholars, stewards and citizens. We call these four concepts “the cornerstones” of our district.


    Academic rigor is at the heart of what we do in all our schools. 


    Leadership courses, student government, off-site training, principals’ advisory groups... just a few of the many ways MRH students gain valuable leadership skills that they can use long after they’ve graduated.


    We believe we are one human family on this planet and it is our responsibility to care for and nurture our collective home. We put this belief into practice in all aspects of the schools, from the classroom to the lunch room.


    At MRH, we are creating global citizens, students who will grow into adults with strong values and understandings in the areas of social justice, systems thinking, and cultural awareness.


    At MRH, we value...

    • Highly Qualified Teachers

    We have one of the highest percentages of National Board Certified Teachers in the county.

    • Personalized Service

    Our Home Visits program builds quality relationships with parents while small class sizes help students succeed.

    • Academic Rigor

    Test scores keep increasing across the district and the high school has nearly doubled the number of college prep courses being offered.

    Technology for 21st Century Learning

    We were the first public school district in the county with one-to-one laptops at the secondary level.


    We implement professional development in social justice and culturally responsive teaching.

    Outstanding Facilities

    Almost every learning space in the entire district has been renovated since 2002 or is entirely new. The final areas to be updated will be complete by the winter of 2017.


    MRH has seen tremendous improvement in recent years. Having good teachers, quality facilities, and a rigorous curriculum has been critical to our progress. But at the heart of our improvement is the strong ties MRH has with the community. Our partnership with both cities, its residents, and local businesses is a model for other school districts. It’s one of the many reasons why the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is a wonderful place to live, work and learn.