• District Mission & Goals

    The mission of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is to inspire and prepare students as leaders, scholars, stewards, and citizens for a diverse and changing world.


    A “theory of change” has been created for each goal area and is summarized below:

    Goal 1: Mission Vision
    If the MRH community (staff, students, parents) clearly understands, articulates, and demonstrates the MRH Mission, Vision, and Metaphors; then our students will embody stewardship, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

    Goal 2: Student Achievement
    If we create the expectations and conditions for high quality, responsive instruction, and programming, then all students will achieve at higher levels.

    Goal 3: Community Engagement
    If we develop a comprehensive communication and engagement plan, that includes all of our stakeholders, we will create a diverse, engaged, and supportive community for the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District.

    Goal 4: Facilities
    If MRH maintains innovative, high-quality, safe, and inspirational spaces that support our mission, vision, and metaphors for our growing enrollment then our students' diverse needs will be met in a sustainable and technology-rich environment.

    Goal 5: Human Resources
    If MRH hires, retains, and invests in an exceptional staff that represents the unique diversity within our district, then our diverse population of students will have outstanding opportunities to develop as leaders, scholars, stewards, and citizens.

Board Resolution on Educational Equity and Social Justice

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