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    Missouri Assessment Plan Testing, Spring 2021

    Each year, during second semester, Missouri Assessment Program Testing is administered within the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District. Additionally, the results are utilized to strategically tailor our curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of our students. The Missouri Assessment Program is just one of the many tools that we use to successfully explore and analyze our students knowledge on varying subjects.

    The purposes of the MRH Assessment Plan are:

    • To provide information about what the students currently know and what they are able to achieve so that parents, students and teachers can successfully monitor academic progress
    • To be used as a tool for planning additional educational experiences and to provide data to assist in planning instructional programs
    • To provide indicators of progress towards specific District goals
    • Finally, to measure student progress toward achieving state and federal goals

    Maplewood Richmond Heights School District complies with all assessment requirements for students with disabilities as mandated by state law.

    For more information on District-wide testing, please download the Missouri Assessment Testing/End of Course Exam letter (below) from Roxanna Mechem, Assistant Superintendent.

    Missouri Assessment Program Overview 

    Revised MRH Assessment Plan 2020-21 due to COVID-19 pandemic

    MRH Assessment Plan 2020-21