• Focus Group

    From 3/1/23 - 3/6/23 10 focus groups were gathered to get feedback on the district's progress on Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

    Who was invited to the focus groups:

    • All parent/guardian participants that indicated an interest in the initial Strategic Plan survey that came out early in the year.
    • Participants that our School Board and district administration recommended
    • High School Principals Advisory students
    • Middle School students indicated by the building administration
    • Upper Elementary Students indicated by the building administration
    • Students that participate in the alternative education setting
    • Support Staff Leaders
    • Teacher Leader Committee
    • Community and political leaders

    Email Invite

    We would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming MRH Strategic Planning Focus Group in order to gather your feedback about the draft priorities and goals for the strategic plan. The draft priorities and goals were developed using the 545 responses to the strategic planning survey and the feedback from the 32 members of the steering committee. The steering committee has worked diligently over the last few months and is looking forward to your feedback on the elements that have been developed. 

    In the next few minutes, you will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link. If you are able to attend the focus group session, please accept the invite so that it is added to your calendar and the Zoom link is easily accessible. 

    Thank you.  We look forward to hearing your feedback in an upcoming focus group.


    Slide Deck used to steer the conversation

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