• MRH ECC PreSchool Enrollment 2021-2022

    As of May 10, 2021, we have 11 five-full-day spots, 5 three-full-days, and some half-day spots available as well.

    Given the current health and safety guidelines due to COVID-19, we have eliminated in-person enrollment. Through the combined efforts of our registrars and district administrators, we created a new online enrollment process.

    Below you will find specific written directions, as well as 2 video tutorials, that will walk you through the preschool enrollment process. If after reviewing the video tutorials and written directions, you have remaining questions or problems completing this process, feel free to contact Peggy Russell via email: pkecc_enrollment@mrhschools.net or by phone: 314-256-4550.

    If you have any questions about residency and eligibility for enrollment, please contact our Director of Student Services, Vince Estrada @ 314-565-7441 OR vince.estrada@mrhschools.net

    If you need before or after school care Discover Club is available for full-day preschoolers. Discover Club is a tuition-based before and after care program at ECC. AM Discover Club runs from 6:30am - 8:00am and PM Discover Club runs from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. On the Google Form in step 1, you will indicate your need for before or after care. You will be contacted after registration to complete your application for Discover Club.

    Registration Process

    1. Complete the 2021-2022 Preschool Registration Google Form:  This document will be time-stamped and will indicate your ‘place in line’. This form will let us know which program you are enrolling in and if you need Discover Club Services. For information regarding our preschool programs see MRH ECC PreSchool Program Options and Tuition Information.
    2. Download, rename, and save forms on your device before entering the information.
    1. Gather documents to be scanned and uploaded to a secure online dropbox. All documents must be submitted as soon as possible (with the exception of medical documents which must be received before the start of school).
    • Proof of Residency: An occupancy permit, issued by the city of Maplewood OR Richmond Heights, which lists the student(s) and at least (1) parent/guardian.
    • Birth Certificate 
    • Parent/Guardian Photo ID: Only (1) parent/guardian ID is required. At least one of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must be an MRH resident.
    • Completed & Saved MRH District Enrollment Form (from above).
    • Tuition Forms: Tuition Agreement Form, Returned Check Policy, and ACH Form (from above).
    • Immunization record. All immunizations need to be completed before the start of the school year.
    • Most recent physical examination: Child's most recent physical/well-child statement is required before the start of the school year.  Please note that pediatricians often include a Well-Child statement along with the annual physical examination and immunization report. If your child’s doctor does not provide a well-child statement, please feel free to download this document as an option and take it to your child’s pediatrician: Child Medical Examination Report 
    • If applicable and available, please upload the following documents:
      • Asthma action plan from your child’s physician (must be updated annually).
      • Food allergy plan from your child’s physician (must be updated annually).
      • IEP (Individualized Education Plan), for special education services
      • 504 Plan, if your student has accommodations due to health concerns
    1. Prepare and upload all of the documents into our secure dropbox system.
    • Each document, including the completed enrollment form, should be downloaded and saved on your device as a pdf or jpeg file.
    • Each document should be labeled with your student’s name (eg. Doe, Jane_Immunizations, Doe, Jane Enrollment Form, etc.).
    • Upload the documents into our dropbox system:
    • Here is a video tutorial on uploading documents: Uploading enrollment forms to the Drop Box
    • Link to MRH ECC PK Secure Dropbox

    After completing the aforementioned steps, what’s next?

    1. You will be notified within a week to verify your child’s registration status and placement.
    2. Once your student is placed in a classroom you will receive instructions on registering your child into our student information system (PowerSchool). 
    3. You will also receive instructions on how to pay the $40.00 Registration Fee
    4. You will be contacted after registration to complete your application for Discover Club if you indicated that it was a need for your family

    If you have any questions please email pkecc_enrollment@mrhschools.net