Student Advisors to the Board

  • The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District recognizes the importance of student involvement in decision making and values the perspectives of its student body. Policy JFBB establishes guidelines for the selection, role, eligibility, expectations and removal of student advisors to the Board of Education. The District aims to ensure that student advisors represent the diverse voices and interests of the student body, promote equity and inclusion, and provide valuable input to the Board's decision-making processes.

    Student Board advisors are non-voting members of the Board of Education, serving as representatives and advocates for the student body. Their roles include providing insights and perspectives that contribute to discussions and deliberations on matters that could potentially influence the thinking of Board members. At times, they may be requested to report on specific issues relevant to the student body, ensuring that student concerns and interests are heard.

    Student board advisors are expected to attend all regular Board meetings unless excused by the Board in advance. Regular communication with fellow students is expected to gather input, disseminate information and promote transparency. They also have the opportunity to participate in the District’s board policy process.

    Student board advisors do not vote on any issue before the Board and do not have access to closed information.

    The MRH District is committed to ensuring equity and inclusion in the student advisor program, and to creating opportunities for underrepresented students to participate in this leadership role. Students in all school buildings who wish to serve on a PAL board should fill out this application.

    2023-2024 Student Advisors: 

    President: Abraham Blue

    Vice President: Katy Corcoran

    Student Directors: 

    Nate Boyle

    Odessa Javier

    Aleksei Juracsik

    Eavan Kryah

    Neil Maxwell

    Chance Terelmes

    Maia Truemper


PAL VP Addresses Board, October 19, 2023