• School as Apprenticeship

    At MRH we have developed metaphors that are used in our schools to describe the teaching and learning that takes place there.

    MRH High School – “School as Apprenticeship”

    At MRH High, “School as Apprenticeship” is viewed as a living way to incorporate the goals of students with the cornerstones that are seen as essential to the growth and development of students as strong citizens. Students take courses tailored to their future plans for college and careers. Additionally, they are given the opportunity for mentoring and apprenticeships.

    Career Connections

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    Career Connections is one of our programs at MRH that incorporates traditional academic experience with real world working life.  Students identify career interests, meet with professionals, participate in various job-shadowing opportunities, and ultimately get connected to internship opportunities.

    The MRH Career Connections program is unique in that it works with students to give them “real life” exposure to the working world. Here are some of the things our students are engaged in:

    • Connecting with professionals such as architects, nurses, engineers, and graphic designers
    • Job shadowing within the community
    • Interning during their junior/senior year in various professions

    In addition to all of these great opportunities, we also help students find volunteer opportunities in the community, find local part time jobs, as well develop necessary real world skills such as interviewing skills, resumes, cover letters, and portfolios.

    For more information, please contact Joe Sausele. 314-446-3811