• High School A+ Schools Program

    Missouri's Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 established provisions for the implementation of a grant award program to institute A+ Schools and improve the education of high school students within the State of Missouri. Beginning in 1994, the A+ Schools Program has provided grant awards to Missouri's public school districts that demonstrate a commitment to ensure that the Program's goals are met in their high schools.

    Goals of the A +Program 

    As outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the primary goals of the A+ Program are:

    • All students will graduate from high school.
    • All students will complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and for which there are measurable learner expectations.
    • All students will proceed from high school graduation to college, post-secondary career/technical school, or a high wage job with workplace skill development and opportunities.

    A+ enrollment is completely voluntary. Students may participate in the program by completing and returning a signed A+ Participant Agreement. After this, the student is confirmed as an active A+ student. Upon confirmation into the A+ Program it becomes the responsibility of the student to meet all the requirements of the program to become eligible for the tuition reimbursement upon graduation.    

    A+ Info and How to Earn Hours

    A + Tutoring Mentoring Agreement

    Transportation Consent

    Tutoring Timesheet

    A +  Agreement

    Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions: 

    Private Technical Schools  

    Public Career Technical Schools 

    Public Community Colleges   

    A Plus Scholarship Schools

    Nicole Huffman, Principal
    MRH High School
    A+ Coordinator 
    (314) 446-3800