• Overview

    The college selection process can be overwhelming, but hopefully the important facts, procedures, and suggestions presented in this guide can help ease some of the burden of this process. Whether you are just beginning the decision-making process or you have already decided where you will be attending college, this information can help clarify questions and be an important resource for you.

    It should be stressed that the MRH High School College Center views the college selection process as just that: a process. Early planning is an integral part of the process. By following a structured process, a student and family will be better prepared to make the right decisions and reduce the level of stress that may come with it.

    The MRH High School College Planning Guide should be used as a resource to supplement the work you do with the MRH High School College Counselor, Mr. Harcharic.  You are encouraged and always welcome to meet with Mr. Harcharic on an individual basis to help you with the issues facing this important decision. Also, there are a number of other resources available to you in the MRH High School College Center.

    As with any resource, the only way to utilize the knowledge it contains is to read it. You are strongly encouraged to read through this material and write down questions as they arise. In addition, you will find a glossary of terms in the Appendix section if you are unsure what a term means. There is also a list of sources for further information if you have questions that are not answered in the text.

    With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., the process of choosing just one may seem like an impossible task. These pages are intended to provide some basic information and resources.

    In a nutshell, the college admission process involves knowing your reasons for attending college, researching college characteristics, comparing and visiting colleges, creating a list, applying and observing deadlines, developing a plan to finance your education, and reviewing and finalizing your plans.

    Applying to college is a learning process, a key step on the road to maturity and independence. Guidance counselors, parents, coaches, teachers, and the students all play a part in the college admission process with the student taking the lead. The   "COLLEGE ADVISING NEWSLETTER" provides valuable information about registration deadlines and dates for tests, including the PLAN, PSAT, ACT and SAT. It also includes information about financial aid, scholarships, outside scholarships, catalogs, summer programs, and upcoming college visits each month open to all high school students.

    As you move through the process remember a few key points:

    • Stay organized by using admission file folders and a calendar of deadlines
    • Keep copies of everything
    • Be proactive; ask for help; get your questions answered
    • Prepare for entrance exams and retake them 2-3 times to improve scores
    • Take challenging courses in high school
    • Devote your time to keeping your grades up
    • Invest time in researching scholarships on-line or in the guidance office

    Critical Needs/High-Demand Job Resources

    The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) mandates that school districts publicly post each year a list of high demand/critical need occupations.

    The Missouri Economic Research & Information Center publishes detailed

    Statistics about the regional labor force in St. Louis and across the state.  

    Helpful College Search Links

    The College Board 

    U.S. News & World Report’s College Search and Rankings

    Peterson’s (college, career, test prep, and career site)

    The Common Application (used for select colleges/universities)

    Cappex (college searching made easy)

    Black Excel (resource for African American schools)

    College Data (college searching, matching, admissions information, scholarships)

    Student Advisor (compare colleges side by side to narrow your college search)

    You University TV (college and career video tours to help you in your college/career search)

    American Association of Community Colleges

    Trade & Vocational Schools.com

    The Princeton Review (college search, support, and test prep site)

    The Best Colleges College Planning Guide


    Online Colleges - Missouri

    Online School Locator

    Discover Business Degrees: In-depth Education Resource

    College Raptor

    College Atlas




    In keeping with the Student Services Department's goal of providing personalized service to each MRH student, the counselors are available to help you navigate through the college admission process. We look forward to working with you!

    Debbie Kravitz, 9th/10th Counselor
    Justin Harcharic, College Counselor, 11th/12th Grade
    Peggy Russell, Guidance Office: (314) 446-3805