• B&G Duties and Responsibilities


    Buildings & Grounds CustodiansMaintenance - complete work orders, maintain heating and cooling systems, install new furniture, create new keys, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. Plow snow, salt sidewalks, stripe the athletic field. Stop roof leaks. Anything broken, they fix.


    Custodial - lunchtime cafeteria cleaning, open all buildings in the morning, close them at night. Several bathroom checks/cleanings daily, hallway and stairwell cleaning, strip and wax floors, detail clean and completely turn over buildings over the summer. Respond to any spills, bodily fluids, flooding, etc. Take trash and recycling out several times daily. At the elementary school our custodial crew helps with crossing guard duty.


    Groundskeeping - cut and maintain all grass areas. Trim trees, prune bushes, and keep all planted areas thriving. Help maintain chicken coops and fish ponds. Snow removal and spreading salt. Order needed supplies for upkeep of grounds. Empty exterior trash cans and pick up all litter and trash on grounds. Maintain and repair outdoor seating areas and structures (along with maintenance).


    Transportation - transport students to and from school on the buses. Maintain all district vehicles. Keep mileage logs and track all needed transportation data for DESE. Coordinate field trips, athletic trips and expeditions. All bus drivers are also full-time employees in the buildings (maintenance, mail courier, and custodial). 


    Director/Asst. To The Director - Manage B&G department, meet with principals and admin to coordinate furniture/supply orders, coordinate bond issues and construction, stay up-to-date on all inspections and licenses

    Contact - Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds Ian Rowland

                    Interim Director of Builldings & Grounds Chris Hoelzer